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Abubakar Paul Adediran Bello started his career as a short story writer for the underground press in London and won the Young Writer recommendation from W.H. Smith. He left England for Northern Illinois University where he graduated with honors. During his time there he worked as a news director for CNN and a live performance cinematographer for the Kennedy Center. After graduation he returned to the English independent film scene and wrote and directed his first commissioned short for the BBC. Later that year he was accepted to the American Film Institute's Screenwriting program where he was awarded the Helen B. Childers Scholarship.

After building a home in Los Angeles Abu began developing platforms for new media and producing and for television. He was brought on by Advantage Sales and Marketing, the largest marketing firm in the country who’s clients include Walmart, Target and Best Buy. He has been training writers in California for fifteen years and in his homeland Abu founded Frontier Entertainment a production company dedicated to bringing African film to an international market through education and production. 



  • Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Original Screenplay   
  • Cannes Official Selection - Short Form Narrative
  • Hatchfest Groundbreaker Award - Best Film   
  • HBO Award for Best Short Film     
  • San Francisco Black Film Festival - Mario Van Peebles Award   
  • Martin Writ Award for Best Screenplay   
  • Media Production Honors- Northern Illinois University      
  • Helen B. Childers Scholarship   
  • Nomination ABFF - Best Original Screenplay

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